Fuel Transfer Pump

--- Kleanoil fuel transfer pump is a rotary vane, self priming pump designed for the transfer of diesel fuel.

--- It operates on a typical DC automotive electrical system and is designed for intermittent use of not more than 30 minutes per cycle.

--- The pump features a casted aluminum housing and the motor is protected with an inline fuse for thermal overloading and a circuit breaker that trips the motor  when pumping process accidentally runs dry thus offering reliable and stable performance.

--- It is suitable for both portable applications and supplied with a mounting bracket for fixed installation applications and has an Ingress Protection rating of IP55.

--- Diesel fuel could be contaminated during transportation or storage and a supplied footvalve will filter off contaminants,debris and prevents clogging.

Technical Specification


Installation Instructions

1. Select a safely location away from sources of heat,flame, or sparks.

     Install the pump with mounting bracket provided. 

2. Install components as shown in Figure. 

3. Tighten all hose clamps securely. 

Operational instructions

1. Insert hose into fuel tank to be filled.  

2. Activate pump using the on/off switch.

3. When desired amount of fuel has been dispensed,switch pump off, remove hose from tank.

4. Hoses should be kept clean and dry, andsecured in place when not in use.


Low pumping capacity / Possible faults solutions

• Strainer screen clogged-clear strainer screen. 

• Obstruction in suction hose-clear hoses. 

• Air in pump-tighten suction hose, ensuring that no more air is sucked in.

If pump fails to start/operate / Possible faults solutions

• Check the power connector, ensuring that it is properly fitted. 

• Check suction hose for leaks or obstructions. 

• Check and replace fuse if necessary.